July 8, 2017 – Short Update

So no real changes. M is still the healthiest sick person I know. The only thing I really notice right now is the forgetfulness. A conversation can be forgotten in an hour and we’ll have it again, or I’ll tell him plans, then when it becomes time find out that he doesn’t remember at all.  Sometimes he’ll remember with prompting,  sometimes he won’t. I try not to get frustrated but it can be hard…

My supervisor called us all into her office last week.  She’s been diagnosed with Stage 1 breast cancer,  HER2. It was all I could do to stay in there and not cry. She’ll have surgery in a few weeks after the tests come back to determine if it will be a lumpectomy or a mastectomy, then chemo. She seems to have a good attitude which will help her in the weeks to come! 


May 7, 2017 – Happy Birthday to M

As he says, he’s one year old today.  

One year ago today we were getting the news that M didn’t have another stroke,  but rather there were multiple tumors in his brain and a mass in his lungs… I didn’t think he’d make Christmas let alone the full year but he’s a fighter!  I often refer to him as “the healthiest sick person I know.”

The last Gamma Knife went smoothly, M doesn’t have any doctor appointments until August so the summer is his! I’m sure there will be more brain mets at that point but we’ll worry about that then.

April 19, 2017 – M’s Cancer is Weird

Weird is how Dr. K described M’s cancer last week since the CT scan shows nothing significant happening in the lung but yet M continues to have new brain mets. This week’s appointment with Dr. L shows only one new brain tumor. Gamma Knife again next Tuesday. Since there’s only the one, M doesn’t have to have the whole screwed on frame… instead it will be a mask formed to his face and a pillow formed to his head.

I have to vent: I really don’t like Dr. K. He never gives facts or details just superlatives that remind me of a snake oil salesman.  Another thing that irritates me is that he doesn’t wear anything “doctor-y”, rather he has on an expensive suit which just seems to rub me the wrong way… 

March 5, 2017 – Just an update

I haven’t updated in a while so…

No new appointments, we’re really just waiting and seeing how things go.

M fell about 2 1/2 weeks ago. I wasn’t home but surprisingly he told me.  Last week he went to stand up and fell back down into the chair. Both times he said the pain just shot through his legs so intense that he couldn’t stand.  I worry that this is some type of progression. 

It’s been 10 months since diagnosis and six months since the end of chemo. 

January 15, 2016 – Well, that sucked.

Friday was M’s Gamma Knife with Dr. L. The Gamma Knife itself went well, uneventful.  The news though, sucked.

Let’s backtrack, after the last post, I was able to read M’s MRI report… we misheard, there were three, not two, new tumors with evidence of activity that might be a fourth.  Okay, we figured maybe that possible fourth would grow enough to be zapped.
It did, along with six more.  Yep. When they did the MRI in preparation for the Gamma Knife, they found ten brain tumors. The three green pea sized ones from December?  Now chick pea sized. With seven green pea sized ones joining them.

All ten got zapped, but how many are waiting in the recessess, ready to grow?  I guess we’ll find out at the next MRI at the end of April. 

In the meantime, M will have a CT Scan at the end of March… we’ll get those results April 11th.  

Until then?  Hope he doesn’t get the flu or a cold or that anything else goes wrong. It’d be nice if his pain could keep decreasing. Regaining fine motor control and feeling in his hands, losing the numbness in his feet… any of that would be a bonus as well. 

October 15, 2016 – And the Pain Continues On

M says that if he’d have known how much pain chemotherapy was going to cause that he might not have chosen the treatment.  Watching him, I’d have to agree.  I don’t know if the ongoing bone pain is actually normal or something to be concerned about. I talked to the nurse at Dr K’s office and she says he shouldn’t be having any bone pain this far out, especially as he didn’t even have the Neulasta shot after the third & last chemo. They started him on gabapentin to see if it helps.

The CT / PET scan is scheduled for this coming Friday,  the 21st and we’ll see Dr. K on Monday, the 24th. I took both days off so M doesn’t need to find a ride. I know it’s been weighing on M’s thoughts.